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Adopting A Holistic Lifestyle Goes A Long Way! 
The average lifespan of a dog

in the 1970s was 17 years and this has now gone down to 10 years. This can be attributed mostly to environmental and lifestyle factors (90%) and genetic factors (10%).

Nutriwoof’s Endeavour

Functional preservative-free treats, supplements for your best friend all using human-grade ingredients and holistic solutions to reduce exposure to toxins in your pet’s day-to-day life! 

What We Stand For

Give your best friend a chance to live an ENHANCED LIFE and allow you to experience more of that ENDLESS LOVE!

Obtain A Customised Diet Chart For Your Fur Baby

From Anjali Kalachand

(Certified in companion animal nutrition from the University of Illinois)

Basic Nutrition Consult
  • This diet is for healthy adult dogs.

  • Upon signing up for a consult, you will receive a phone call from our nutritionist & founder, Anjali Kalachand. 

  • She will get to know you and your dog and take down any details that are required to move forward with the consult. 

  • After this initial consult, the diet chart will be turned around within 5 working days. 

  • Follow-up calls and access to our nutritionist will be available for a period of 1 month following receipt of the diet plan.

  • Do note that the diet is not in lieu of a veterinary diagnosis or treatment.

₹ 1,500/-