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Leo was adopted in March 2016, he was 1.5 months old. As a new pet parent – I did everything by the book: fed high-quality kibble, applied spot-on treatments monthly, dewormed my pet quarterly and even vaccinated him yearly. I slowly realized that my pet was not thriving: his appetite was poor, his stool was runny and he had chronic skin allergies – something was amiss.

This piqued my interest in pet nutrition and alternative natural solutions for pets. By swapping his diet from processed to fresh, Leo was not only eating better, but his skin allergies disappeared and his stool firmed up too! 

One thing is for sure, going natural will allow your pet to thrive!

A study shows that in the 1970s the average lifespan of a dog was 17 years and this has now gone down to 10 years. This can be attributed largely to environmental and lifestyle factors. 

The environmental and lifestyle factors are something we have control over. 


It is in this endeavor that Nutriwoof brings to you nutrition advice, a customized fresh cooked balanced diet chart for your pet, a customized food delivery service, functional preservative-free treats and supplements for your best friend made using human-grade ingredients.

In addition to the above, we also provide chemical free grooming solutions, all natural tick and flea solutions and all natural options for keeping your home clean.

Give your best friend a chance to live an

ENHANCED LIFE and allow you to experience more of that


What We
Stand For
Ditch The
The average lifespan
of a dog–
some alarming statistics!!
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