• Nutriwoof's Naturally Fermented Vegetables are fermented in himalayan pink salt. 
  • Fermented Vegetables contain beneficial probiotic bacteria types such as Lactobacillus & Bifidobcterium, that are especially beneficial for pets. 
  • They contain prebiotic and probiotic benefits that are often used to support and treat IBS, IBD and a range of GI issues. 
  • Some of our clients have reported a marked reduction in shedding while using this product - the fact remains that by proactively feeding your pet naturally fermented foods, you provide recurring support to the gut and immune system. 
  • This product is safe for cats and dogs



  • 1-3 tsp a day for every 10 kgs of body weight
  • Introduce slowly, starting with 1/2 a tsp mixed into your pet's regular food and work it up as your pet accepts this new addition to their diet.

Naturally Fermented Vegetables (90 grams)

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